I Wish We Had Switched To Advantec Much Earlier…

If I could sum up Adantec in one word, "Reliability". Advantec Solutions is very good about responding quickly to our IT needs.

Their customer service is impeccable. This is something that the IT company we worked with in the past was missing.

I wish we had switched to Advantec much earlier than we did. Trying to get issues resolved with the previous IT company took time away from the mission of our agency.

Melinda Points Executive Director
Oklahoma Americorps

We Got Our ROI On IT Support In Month One!

Thanks to their IT expertise, we have avoided down time which means we are able to service our clients’ needs. Advantec Solutions saves us money, period.

We have done the math. With eight attorneys and our support staff, an hour of downtime - let alone a day - would be costly. My team requires uptime and cannot worry as to how to fix some computer glitch or issue. Advantec is a click away!

Gary L. Giessmann, J.D. Partner
Nash, Cohenour & Giessmann P.C.

When We Call For Help, Someone Is There To Respond Quickly

We don’t have to worry about anything anymore! When we call for help, someone is there. If our issue doesn’t have an easy solution, they’re happy to take the time to find a resolution.

The quick response and not being treated less than because we can’t speak ‘computerese’ is why we chose to work with Advantec.

Choose Advantec Solutions! You won’t regret it!

Kathryne Mullinex Owner
Cord Construction

Compared To The Rest, Advantec Is The Best

The biggest benefit we have seen with Advantec Solutions is the ease of working with them. From setting up our systems to ongoing support, they make everything easy.

Their customer service is great compared with other IT companies I have worked with. Advantec responds quickly to issues and are easy to work with.

I don’t think a company would go wrong choosing Advantec Solutions for their IT services. I don’t think they would reget it.

Patricia Christensen Executive Director
Red River Community Corps

Still Cost Effective After 10 Years And They Help Us Save Time And Money

We are on a service program and It has been really cost effective. Advantec's staff goes above and beyond to provide us with service.

We have been with Advantec for more than 10 years. IT is changing every minute and their staff is knowledgeable and keeps up with all the changing opportunities we might be able to incorporate to save us time and money.

Their customer service is great and pricing is very reasonable.

Michelle Hone Manager COO
Mid- Continent Geological Library

We Get Great Service!

Advantec is instrumental in servicing our company no matter the issues may be.

They are very good at explaining in great detail the process involved and how to get our technical issues resolved.

Advantec is an asset to our company, we are totally unafraid to recommend Advantec to any company for their IT firm. We get Great Service!

Anne Young Office Administrator
Allfaith Homecare

Try Them Out Once…You'll Find They Are Worth Every Single Penny!

With Advantec, I have the peace of mind knowing that if I have an issue, big or small, I have a trustworthy resource to call and ask for help.

They possess an eagerness to assist no matter how small the ask is - especially items that would normally seem unrelated like downloading and backing up software and connecting printers.

The peace of mind alone is worth every penny - If someone is on the fence, they need to try out the services for a month.

After receiving assistance once, they will love the team and find several ways the IT team can assist. Worth every single penny... and I constantly tell people they don't charge me enough.

Sam Rudder Owner
White Rose Business Group

Response Time Is Remarkable! I Have More Time To Focus On My Business

The single biggest benefit to hiring Advantec is Time! I have more time to focus on operating my business!

Their response time is remarkable! If I have issues they are on it immediately. I love how personable Advantec is, being a local firm, it makes it easy to communicate and I actually have an IT firm that knows me and my business.

Advantec has been our IT firm since 2003, I think that pretty much sums up the confidence I have in James and his team. I have no need or desire to seek out any other firm to take care of us, you have a life time loyal customer in me!

Mickie Keller Owner
Fire Place Place

Advantec Is Fast With The Task!

We have a long history with Advantec, they always answer the phone and fix the problem on the spot!

Advantec is very fast with the task, professional and do a great job for us consistently.

I have no hesitation recommending them to those looking for a professional and practical IT service provider!

Margaret Tillett Executive Assistant
Ron Walters Construction

It's Like Having An IT Person In The Office … We Totally Trust Advantec Solutions

Advantec Solutions responds to our needs quickly, it’s like we have our own IT person in the office. Not to mention that everyone is so patient with a couple of the “older” people that don’t do computers well ~ They are quick to take care of any problem or answer any question we have. Another thing very important to us is the fact that we totally trust Advantec. Not sure about everyone else, but that is huge in my books.

Since they are in my books.. every area of my business they provide us with the guidance and resources to help us with password management and we are very comfortable with that.

Trusting who accesses your systems is so important. And you can totally trust them. If it is important for you to do your job and not worry about system problems, than Advantec is the one for you!

So quick at taking care of any problem that arises. Having this service has taken a big burden off of us so we can do what we do best.

Sheri Forget Owner
ID Specialists

Within Minutes They Remote In And Fix Any Problems We Have, Great Honest Group Of People

The single best advantage for using Advantec is the quick response time that we receive should we have any issues regarding any of our company’s employees on their respective desk tops or our server.

We simply call Advantec the minute there is a problem and usually within minutes they remote in and fix any problems that we have. Their response times are great!!!!!

We have been with Advantec now since December of 2011. We went with Advantec initially because of the personalized service and the sense of being in great hands.
I feel it speaks volumes that we have not used anyone else in the nine years we have been with them.

James and his team have always taken great care of us whether it was software issues, hardware issues (new servers, laptops or desktops), Internet and email or networking. They are simply great to work with and have always kept us on the edge of new technologies that we never would have known existed if not for them.

If someone were on the fence regarding using Advantec I would say definitely try them out! I was very hesitant to switch over to their monthly service program but I would have to say it has been great.

James and Nate have always jumped right on any issue that we have had and usually they have it addressed and fixed within hours of our initial call. Great honest group of people and I would highly recommend working with them!

Todd Schultheis CEO
W.L. McNatt & Company Construction

Small Monthly Payment... For Unlimited IT Support

We love Advantec Solutions for their quick response and individual service they provide our dealership. Friendly, affordable, responsive and eager to help in a very timely manner. That is so very important to us.

We like the small monthly payment for unlimited IT help or assistance by phone. We used to pay per incident, but the monthly plan is a much better option for our needs and ease of operation.

We can't afford to be down for multiple hours or let alone multiple days. We take in payments 24/7 and we really like the security and professionalism Advantec offers us on an unlimited monthly basis.

Josh McDaniel Owner
Don Hickey Used Cars