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Also known as co-managed IT support. The partnership involves a collaborative arrangement between an organization's in-house IT department and an external managed service provider (MSP). This approach allows businesses to combine their internal IT expertise with external resources and expertise from the MSP.


Here's an explanation of the benefits of co-managed IT services under each of the mentioned subheadings:



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Managed IT

Co-Managed IT

Service Team


Network Security

Immediate Value 

Augmented Resources: Co-managed IT services provide immediate access to additional IT resources, tools, and expertise. This means faster issue resolution, reduced downtime, and improved IT service levels without the need for hiring and onboarding new staff.

Scalability: Organizations can scale their IT support up or down as needed without the challenges of recruiting, training, and managing internal staff. This flexibility is particularly valuable during periods of growth or in response to changing IT demands.

Fill Knowledge Gaps

Specialized Expertise: MSPs often have specialized knowledge and skills that complement the in-house IT team's strengths. They can fill gaps in areas like cybersecurity, cloud computing, or specific software applications.

Stay Current: MSPs can help organizations stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and best practices, ensuring that their IT infrastructure remains competitive and secure.

Project-Based or Full-Time

Project Flexibility: Co-managed IT services allow organizations to engage MSPs on a project-by-project basis. This means that businesses can tackle specific IT initiatives, such as migrating to the cloud or implementing a new system, without committing to a long-term contract.

Full-Time Support Option: For organizations with larger IT needs or those seeking continuous support, co-managed IT services can evolve into a full-time arrangement, providing 24/7 coverage and comprehensive IT management.

A True Partnership 

Collaboration: Co-managed IT services foster a close working relationship between the in-house IT team and the MSP. This collaboration leads to better alignment with business objectives and more effective IT strategies.

Shared Responsibility: Both parties share the responsibility for IT success. This shared accountability ensures that issues are addressed promptly and that IT solutions align with the organization's goals and budget.

In summary, co-managed IT services offer organizations a flexible and collaborative approach to managing their IT needs. They provide immediate value, fill knowledge gaps, offer flexibility in engagement models, and promote a true partnership between the internal IT team and the external MSP, ultimately contributing to improved IT efficiency, security, and strategic alignment with business objectives.

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